The current version is 2.0.1, which was released on .

See the version history for a list of changes.

Git repository

The latest version of the source code can be retrieved at our Git repository.

Grab the latest dev build artifacts from Github Action by picking any latest successful run and navigate to artifacts.

Source archive


This package contains:

  • The complete source code for the Unicorn framework.
  • Bindings for Python, Java, Go, & .NET.
  • A collection of sample programs.

This is the recommended version for all platforms.


Community bindings

Besides Haskell, Ruby, Python, Java, Go, Rust, Visual Basic, Pascal, .NET & MSVC supported in the main code, some bindings for other languages are created and maintained by the community.

Windows - Core engine


NOTE: This is necessary for all bindings (except Python) & also for C programming.

This package contains:

  • README & license file.
  • The Unicorn header files (*.h) for C programming.
  • 32-bit/64-bit DLLs for Microsoft Windows 32-bit/64-bit.
  • A sample file (sample_x86.exe)


Python module for Windows/MacOS/Linux - Binaries

With pip or pip3, you can use the same command to install Python module for either Windows, MacOS or Linux.

pip install unicorn

To upgrade from older version of Unicorn, do:

pip install unicorn --upgrade

Remember to stick “sudo” in front for root privilege if needed.

Special notes for Apple Silicon users:

You will need cmake to build the wheel locally due to a lack of affordable runners.

brew install cmake pkg-config
pip install unicorn --upgrade

Brew package for MacOS - Binaries

Install Brew package of Unicorn on MacOS with:

brew install unicorn

To upgrade from older version of Unicorn, do:

brew update
brew upgrade unicorn