Call for beta test!

August 7, 2015

We gave a presentation on Unicorn engine at the BlackHat USA 2015 security conference. The talk went well, and we got nice feedbacks from the audience.

The slides is now available in PDF format. Find in the presentation more details on the design \& implementation of Unicorn.

We would like to improve the code quality before the official release. Therefore, Unicorn project is now calling for beta testers!

  • Are you are willing to help to test Unicorn to find \& clean bugs?

  • Can you code? You do not need to be an excellent coder, but writing some tools using Unicorn is the only way to find bugs at this phase.

If the answer is β€œYes” for both questions, then email us with some self-instroduction on why you are interested, and how you can help.

Unicorn will be released soon with full source code - in GPL license - after this short beta phase.