Version 2.0.0

July 7, 2022

We are very happy to announce version 2.0.0 of Unicorn Engine, also known as Unicorn2!

This release is a major step forward for our project. While we still maintain backward compatibility with Unicorn 1.0.x, Unicorn2 supports the updated instruction set of all important CPU architectures, including X86, Arm, Aarch64, Mips, Sparc & M68k. Moreover, we added 4 more architectures in PowerPC, RISCV, S390x & TriCore.

Another significant change on this version is the addition of some new APIs to allow better control on how the core engine works. Check it out the Changelog for more details, and sample codes for how to use these new features.

We would like to thank the whole community for your generous & tireless support for the last 7 years! Without your help, Unicorn would not made this far!

The source code of Unicorn2 is now available on Github. Check out for how to compile and install it.

Please contact if you want to support our work for the next versions.