October 3, 2021

We are very excited to announce Unicorn2 beta to the public!

Unicorn engine was first introduced at Blackhat USA 2015 as the only cross-platform-architecture framework for CPU emulation. After its release, Unicorn made some good impact in the security community and quickly established itself as the foundation of various innovative work. More than 6 years passed, it is time to make a major step forward with Unicorn2!

Based on Qemu 5, we built Unicorn2 from scratch, with a lot of optimization on performance & code size. While still maintaining backward compatibility with the current version, Unicorn2 supports the latest instruction set of all important CPU architectures, including X86, Arm, Aarch64, Mips, Sparc & M68k. Going further, we also added 2 highly-demanded architectures in PowerPC & RISCV.

The source code of Unicorn2 is now available at dev branch on our Github repo. Check out COMPILE.md for how to compile and install Unicorn2.

Since this important milestone deserves it, we also designed a new logo for Unicorn, as you can see at the top of this post!

What is next now? Help us to fix bugs, update bindings so we can officially release Unicorn v2.0.

Please contact if you want to support our work.